Siegfried Linkwitz's Legendary Loudspeaker Design

Big Sound for Small Space

Pluto has a magic trick to produce vast auditory scene in small living room. Unlike the traditional loudspeakers, which sound like loudspeaker, Pluto create an illusion from the records. You will be amazed how the loudspeakers and the rooms disappear in good records and only surrounded by the sheer delights of the music.   Read more …

Styles for Modern Living

Pluto has four eye-catching colours, Pearl White, Ferrari Red, Sky Blue and Lime Green. The aerospace grade Aluminium alloy body,immaculate finishes , and the top-notch manufacturing make Pluto more like an artwork in your room than a pair of loudspeakers.   The bright colour can light up your space and you are free to choose one of the colours to suit your living style.

Created by the Grandmaster

Pluto is the epic design of Siegfried Linkwitz. He is the grandmaster in audio electronics world and many people know him due to his Linkwitz-Reily crossover design, which is ubiquitous in modern loudspeakers. His open baffle loudspeaker Beethoven was the winner of Stereophile annual loudspeaker in 1998. He is well regarded in audiophile and acoustic profession due to his research and innovation. Read more…

Found out why everyone is talking about the Pluto Testimonial
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Never heard of Pluto loudspeakers before? Not sure whether it suit your room? No problem. We take the risk out of distance sale!  We offer a NO HASSLE home trial and have an easy return policy.

The only way for you to truly appreciate the difference between Pluto Ultimate and other systems is to see and hear them for yourself.  We are confident that if you do, you will love their brilliant imaging, tight bass and attractive design.  History shows us that we get extremely few returns, and all products are backed by our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee to encourage you to give us a try.

In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with any of our products, for any reason or no reason at all, we will be happy to accept your return so long as you comply with the simple terms of our return policy (basically, call or email us within 30 days, then send everything back to us, in new condition with all packagings, within 7 days).

We have a generous return policy and cannot accept returns that have not complied with the few terms of this policy.  We will however, promise to always be fair and to make the return experience as easy and friendly as the purchase experience.  We want to encourage you to try our speakers, and our NO HASSLE 30 day home trial is one way we do that.

Please be aware that shipping costs for both ways are not refundable.  Please also note that blown speakers and damaged or misused speakers are not covered by our warranty or satisfaction guarantee and that if you blow or damage your speakers you will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement.

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Pluto Ultimate system was showed in HiFiwigwam 2014 Scalford Show and was well received.  Below are the comments received in HiFiwigwam forum.

Room 73: Pluto, hard to get your head round how these sound so good? Thumbs up.     —   crimsondonkey

These sounded superb on Sunday. One of the best sounding rooms in the show.  — dangermouse

I completely agree. I could happily live with these!   —f1eng

I was not expecting the sound that came out of them quite amazing —  luckysim0n

Pluto Speakers for daring to be different and sounding good. — Pete the Feet

Pluto Speakers – a very different sound and they were overwhelmed a little by neighbouring rooms bass but showed some real promise.   — diceman

Pluto loudspeakers. Bonkers but the best nearfield experience i heard all day   —  Duvet

Room 73 – For their unusual shape and scale the surprisingly impressive pluto speakers.    —  Turn it up!

Putting aside my bias towards Quad 57s, stacks and 63s and for Tune Audio speakers, I thought Hoops On Toast’s Goodmans Axioms were a delight along with the quirky Plutos.   —  IanG-UK

73 – Surprising and interesting  A punchy sound with good imaging – Pluto could very well be on to something here     — JVS

Ultimate Pluto speakers room, excellent near field sound stage from those. —  Traviata

Standout rooms were the room with Linkwitz’s Pluto speakers. They look ludicrous but sound wonderful and were not embarrassed by anything we played through them. They come as a package with an outboard active crossover and amplification.  —  timhum

Those Pluto speakers were very impressive too. Jerry i think (JANDL) played us some classic number. I liked it, it conjured up images of the Russian army marching on the Crimea, all from those small Pluto’s, splendid.  — KC Jones

Quite small, very distinctively designed by none other than high-end guru Siegried Linkwitz. A fascinating speaker system that seriously impressed quite a few of the listeners whilst I was there.  — Jerry Jacobs

Comments from 2014 Scalford Show

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