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I can't wait to see the reaction of some of my audiophile friends -- I will blindfold them and make them listen to the speaker (and ask "how large is it?") before letting them see the "hideous" light of reality.... Below is the comment from a DIY Pluto owner: Then I dropped the needle on whatever happened to be on the turntable. This shouldn't be possible - it just shouldn't - they're glorious. Swanky wire? Nope, lamp cord. Spikey feet? Nope, mismatched slabs of MDF on an uneven floor. Lead shot ballast? Nah, they wobble like granny at bingo. 350 degree tubes, no. Nothin' but some of the finest Hifi I've heard in my life. I can't imagine what I'm in for when I do this right and add the subs. So there you have it, first impressions from a new convert to the ways of SL. Aczel was right. Yepper - now for sale: 1 pair of Vandersteen 2cd Signatures, 1 pair of Madisound Solists with stands, 1 pair of Dynaudio BM5as, 1 pair of Parts Express Usher 701's done as floorstanders, I could go on and on - no foolin'. I guess the big 'ol tube amp can go too. What a day. Rave on, hhdinc Pluto Ultimate system was showed in HiFiwigwam 2014 Scalford Show and was well received.  Below are the comments received in HiFiwigwam forum. Room 73: Pluto, hard to get your head round how these sound so good? Thumbs up.     ---   crimsondonkey These sounded superb on Sunday. One of the best sounding rooms in the show.  --- dangermouse I completely agree. I could happily live with these!   ---f1eng I was not expecting the sound that came out of them quite amazing ---  luckysim0n Pluto Speakers for daring to be different and sounding good. --- Pete the Feet Pluto Speakers - a very different sound and they were overwhelmed a little by neighbouring rooms bass but showed some real promise.   --- diceman Pluto loudspeakers. Bonkers but the best nearfield experience i heard all day   ---  Duvet Room 73 - For their unusual shape and scale the surprisingly impressive pluto speakers.    ---  Turn it up! Putting aside my bias towards Quad 57s, stacks and 63s and for Tune Audio speakers, I thought Hoops On Toast's Goodmans Axioms were a delight along with...

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