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Siegfried Linkwitz's Legendary Loudspeaker Design

Pluto Ultimate

£2,950.00 £2,450.00
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Product Description

This is one of the finest Hiend loudspeakers system in the world. Pluto Ultimate faithfully followed the design of Siegfried Linkwitz and employed the the best compoents, materials and manufacturing.

The speakers enclosurers and bases are manufactured from aerospace grade Aluminium alloy with vibrant customisiable colours.

The Enclosure base are CNC machined from a whole chunk of Aluminium alloy.

Power amplifier unit intergrated with line level analog crossovers and equalization

Remote volume and input selection control for the amplifier. LCD display for input selection and volume.

Contact us for an audition in a normal living room without accoustic treatment. See it, listen to it and then you believe it. You can bring your music on CD or SD card for the audition.


The technical specification for Pluto

  • 2-way active speaker system with 5.25″ woofer and 1.7″ tweeter
  • Acoustic frequency response: 40 Hz to 16 kHz (-3db), 32Hz (-6db)
  • Active two-way stereo amplifier. Woofer amplifier 150 W, Tweeter amplifier 50 W.
  • Power consumption 12 W without sound
  • Speaker placement: >2 feet from adjacent large surfaces and objects
  • Optimum listening distance: 75% of speaker separation
  • Room size and acoustics: non-critical when listening at optimum distance
  • Outside dimensions: Footprint 12″ x 8″, Height 42.5″
  • Weight 20 kg each.


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Pluto Ultimate £500 off Promotion. Contact us for an audition.