Siegfried Linkwitz's Legendary Loudspeaker Design

Why is Pluto so special?

The best loudspeakers for stereo sound reproduction are those that disappear chameleon-like from the listening room and simultaneously withdraw attention from the room. What remains is an acoustic scene of phantom sources and spaces in front of the listener; an illusion that the brain creates from the naturalness of the sonic cues imbedded in the recording, which the two loudspeakers reproduce. Output volume and dynamic range of the loudspeakers has to mimic the live event for the illusion to be believable.

All audiophiles knew how important the room’s acoustic is in the music reproduction at home. The room is usually considered to be the problem when a loudspeaker does not sound right. However it is not always possible to alter the size of your bedroom or to redecorate acoustically your living room.  The reasons behind this dilemma is that the loudspeaker doesn’t radiate the sound evenly, therefore those unbalanced sounds produced from the drive unit and the enclosure have to be absorbed or cancelled properly in our listening room.

Actually, the loudspeaker is the problem.

Siegfried Linkwitz designed a series of loudspeakers to address the above problem. Pluto is one of the very unique design. Many clever and ground breaking designs were embedded in Pluto speakers.

1. Pluto is an omni-direction speaker, which illuminates the room evenly. Pluto speaker has excellent off-axis responses which is on par with some high-end loudspeakers. The picture below shows the comparison of off-axis response of Pluto and B&W-800D.

The above is Pluto’s off-axis frequency response.




2. It is well known that the traditional “box” enclosure can radiate more sound than the drive unit. Pluto uses  the cylinder shaped enclosures and the way of driver unit mounted doesn’t compromise rigidity of the enclosure. As the cylinder shape is the most rigid structure, Pluto can eliminate most box-sound. The all-Aluminium material and state-of-the-art manufacturing warrant Pluto only produce the sound in the record and does not add extra box-sound.

3. Pluto has a state-of-the-art active crossover design by SL. The amplifier can has a 50W output for the tweeter and a 150W output for the woofer. There is no crossover network between the amplifier and drive units.  All the corssover components are composed of the top-grade 2% tolerance audio capacitors and 1% tolerance resistors. Compare to those widely used 5% or 10% tolerance capcitors in the passive crossover louderspeakers, the active crossover are much more accurate.  Proper designed active loudspeakers has more accurate sound reproduction and more balanced tone.

4. Pluto are designed for small to medium living space, like your living room and bedroom, up to 35 sqm. No particularly acoustic treatment is needed for the room.

In most normal living space, Pluto merge into the enviroment seamlessly and faithfully reproduce the sound stage and auditory scene in the records. You can see the Pluto loudspeakers with your eyes but your ear can’t sense their existence —  there are only a surreal auditory scene.  You can feel like in the jazz bar in some records and in the grand opera house in the others.

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